Everyone thanks for an amazing season six! I’d like to thank our new partners who joined us this season, The Distillery and Dzia’s Irish Pub. We met some great players with a lot of enthusiasm this season! Though we will not be at The Distillery for season seven, we hope to return for season eight.

To see the growth and acceptance of this little thing I’ve created means a lot to me, and I appreciate every person who comes to any of our shows.

Our Season six finals will bring an increase in prize money. We’ll be giving away $150 in cold, hard cash April 14th! We are really looking forward to see who wins this season. Will Momma Gigi get the Three-Peat, or will the door be opened for a new challenger?

As we move into season seven, we are working on finding a new partner to bring a fourth game, and would love to hear your suggestions. Season seven will see one new round join the game, and thanks to the great response in the last month, we may see more of the retro bonus games this season.

We’ve also procured the assistance of Pacdude Games┬áto create some more custom software for us, so you’ll see some upgrades to the games as the season wears on. Pacdude Games created our Blitz-Off software, and we look forward to more great stuff in the future. You can check out the website for a few fun game show type games.

We will also soon be announcing the details of our first charity event which will benefit Children’s Miracle Network.

Finally, we’re always happy to hear your feedback. You can always reach us on social media or via email at gameshowblitz@gmail.com.

Again, we are incredibly grateful for all of you who join Marti and myself every week, and look forward to another great season. I have my dream job, and it’s because of you. Thank you.