Season Nine Changes


The following scoring changes were made for season nine:

UP TO 1500

Also, the perfect game bonus is no longer active.

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Why Game Show Blitz?

So you are interested in Game Show Blitz. You may be wondering “Why should I choose Game Show Blitz” for a weekly event at my place of business?” Here are some of the advantages of Game Show Blitz versus the competition:

1. We’re more interactive.

Game Show Blitz brings the lights, music, dings, buzzers, and energy of a real Hollywood game show. Our players don’t just sit the whole time, we have multiple games where players are up and participating against the clock.

2. Every show is different.

While we have several locations doing multiple shows per week, each show provides a different combination of games. Each episode of Game Show Blitz contains five different rounds from a selection of 11 different games. The show on Thursday is different from the show on Monday. Our players often attend multiple shows per week!

3. We offer something to those not playing.

People often love to just sit and watch the show. With our television-like presentation, non-players often sit longer to take in the show. It’s eye-catching! Those unaware that there’s an event that night sit down, and suddenly there’s a game show happening! Non-participants don’t walk into our show, see that we’re here, and walk back out.  Often,  the non-participants become players.

4. Less intimidation factor.

Some people don’t participate in trivia games because they feel they aren’t smart enough. Not all of our games require standard trivia knowledge. There’s something here for everybody. We also offer more to the experienced trivia player. If you’ve mastered answering trivia questions, can you tell us the most popular survey answers? Can you get your partner to say words by giving clues? Our game works players’ different skills.

5. Our game moves faster.

While other “trivia nights” ask one question every two and a half minutes, we often ask new questions every 45 seconds. Our downtime comes in the form of breaks between rounds. Players have long enough to get drinks, food, or have a smoke without missing any of the game, and don’t have to wait for a long break between questions.

6. We’re a local Northwest Ohio company.

We’re not “corporate” bar trivia from Detroit. We are a live production company from Bowling Green, Ohio. Our crew attended Bowling Green State University, and is active in encouraging local business, and supporting local causes.

7. More winners.

Our game has six opportunities to win at each show, with three winners per hour, rather than just one. Teams can participate in just a half-hour or hour of our show if they have plans, but often stay for the whole thing.

8. Fewer shows makes us a commodity.

Some companies do over twenty shows per week in the area! It’s safe to say they’re a bit overexposed. Everyone’s familiar with them, and know whether they like it or not. Our fans look for us. We’re not overexposed, running as many as four shows in the area on a given night. We run two per night at the most.

If you’d like to join Toledo’s fastest-growing live bar & restaurant event, snd us an email at today!

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Game Show Extravaganza for Children’s Miracle Network


On April 30, Game Show Blitz will be holding its first charity event. Join us for a day of fun and games to help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network from 11AM-3PM. There will be games for kids and adults, as well as Tip Top the Clown doing face painting and balloon animals. There will be great food, a 50/50 raffle, and an opportunity to win cash and prizes donated by local businesses!


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Season Six Post-Mortem

Everyone thanks for an amazing season six! I’d like to thank our new partners who joined us this season, The Distillery and Dzia’s Irish Pub. We met some great players with a lot of enthusiasm this season! Though we will not be at The Distillery for season seven, we hope to return for season eight.

To see the growth and acceptance of this little thing I’ve created means a lot to me, and I appreciate every person who comes to any of our shows.

Our Season six finals will bring an increase in prize money. We’ll be giving away $150 in cold, hard cash April 14th! We are really looking forward to see who wins this season. Will Momma Gigi get the Three-Peat, or will the door be opened for a new challenger?

As we move into season seven, we are working on finding a new partner to bring a fourth game, and would love to hear your suggestions. Season seven will see one new round join the game, and thanks to the great response in the last month, we may see more of the retro bonus games this season.

We’ve also procured the assistance of Pacdude Games to create some more custom software for us, so you’ll see some upgrades to the games as the season wears on. Pacdude Games created our Blitz-Off software, and we look forward to more great stuff in the future. You can check out the website for a few fun game show type games.

We will also soon be announcing the details of our first charity event which will benefit Children’s Miracle Network.

Finally, we’re always happy to hear your feedback. You can always reach us on social media or via email at

Again, we are incredibly grateful for all of you who join Marti and myself every week, and look forward to another great season. I have my dream job, and it’s because of you. Thank you.


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New Game Show Blitz Champions! (2015 Q4)

12509006_464500017080299_5185586949206608309_nCongratulations to our TWO TIME reigning Game Show Blitz Champions: Momma Gigi! What a great game tonight! Also, congratulations to our second place team, Alcohol & Oates, who kept it a horse race throughout. Thanks to all of our teams for making this the most competitive season of Game Show Blitz yet!