Game Show Blitz is a great new event that will not only draw people to your venue, but keep them there longer, having a good time. Game Show Blitz is not just a game for trivia enthusiasts, it draws on knowledge from other games and includes survey question and word association games, giving it a broader appeal. While we refer to is at “Game Show Blitz Live Trivia”, it is so much more than just a trivia quiz.

Why is Game Show Blitz right for your event or venue?

  • Game Show Blitz is a one-of-a-kind form of entertainment that will help your business make money
  • It keeps guests involved, and gives employees more opportunities to interact with guests, increasing guest satisfaction
  • Encourages loyalty among guests, with an already established audience
  • Game Shows are eye-catching spectacles
  • It’s as much fun to watch as it is to play, and keeps guests in your venue
  • It’s more than bar trivia. It’s an interactive show.
  • Our producer has over ten years of experience in radio, television, and live events, and knows just how to execute such a show in your venue



Game Show Blitz is ready to help your company with a special event planned just for you. Game Show Blitz is available for hire for company conventions, trainings, team building activities, trade shows, or as a fun event for employees.

Our games can be custom tailored with information supplied by your company, or let us write one for you. We will build a custom event, just for you.

  • How about your employees play against their supervisors in a company “feud”?
  • Perhaps a game of tic tac toe, featuring your employees or supervisors as celebrity “squares”?
  • Test employees knowledge of your company with our answer and question game, or “Who Knows the Most About Our Company?”
  • Be unforgettable at a trade show as our host plays games with show attendees, with your promotional items as prizes

Many more possibilities are available, including playing a standard game of Game Show Blitz with employee teams facing off against each other. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities for your business!

Past clients include:

IGS Energy

Bowling Green State University Student Activities Organization

Rite Aid Bowling Green



Game Show Blitz and Josh are also available for personal parties and events. Does someone you know enjoy playing games? How about a game show birthday party? How about a game of The Feud at a wedding where the bride’s family plays against the groom’s family? Maybe the next office party might be fun with some custom game shows. We have the capabilities to provide DJ and karaoke services to these events as well for a full party experience!

Contact us today about bringing Game Show Blitz to your venue!