10353567_10205565265199650_1030912302041436391_nMarti “McFly” Russell is our production assistant who helps keep the show moving, and is Josh’s sister. She’s in charge of setting things up, scoring the games, and running the Blitz-Offs.

Marti enjoys her role at Game Show Blitz, and has made some new friends through the show. She helps keep Josh in line, and assists with making judgement calls.

She’s currently a telecommunications major at Bowling Green State University, who hopes to someday work in radio. Marti is also a writer who has also won awards for it in the past.

She’s an avid music enthusiast with an extensive collection, and she’s outgrown several iPods. She enjoyed attending the Rock on the Range music festival in 2015, and got to meet one of the bands. In her spare time, Marti also appreciates anime, video games, and movies. Her favorite films are “Repo! The Genetic Opera” and “Jacob’s Ladder”. Her iTunes library is full of Avenged Sevenfold, Brand New, and Motionless in White. When she fires up the PlayStation she enjoys the Silent Hill games, and her favorite game shows are Press Your Luck and Legends of the Hidden Temple. At a young age, she often enjoyed playing the Press your Luck computer game against her brother.

Say “Hi” to Marti when she brings you your answer sheet, and don’t forget to give her back the pencil!