Game Show Blitz is made up of several different rounds:

ANSWERS & QUESTIONS “What is a great trivia game?”
Players are given two categories of five clues each. Teams must give correct responses in the form of a question.
ARE YOU MORE INTELLIGENT THAN A 10-YEAR OLD? “I am NOT smarter than a ten-year old.”
How much do you remember from grade school?
We ask questions taken from real grade school textbooks. How much do you remember from your school days?
DROPOUT “Sort the rotten eggs out of the dozen.”
Separate the right from the wrong.
A board of twelve possible answers is shown. Teams must select only the correct answers. Points are rewarded for each correct answer identified.
MARTI’S TIME MACHINE Fire up the Flux Capacitor!
Six sets of three events are shown. Teams have to identify the year that the events happened in, within a range to win the points.
MORE OR LESS “Algebra is fun!”
Two items representing numbers are shown. Which one is more or less?
NO WHAMMIES! (RETIRED) “Big points and no whammies!”
Teams answer questions for a chance to spin our flashing board of different point values. Be careful to avoid the Whammy, though, or he’ll take all your points!
ROLL ALONG “Hi, rollers.”
Each team rolls dice before each question to determine the category, or to win bonus points!
SAY WHAT? “Not just Egyptians climb pyramids”
Teams send up two players. One player gives clues, while the other must say as many out of seven words or phrases in 30 seconds. We don’t have $100,000, but it’s still a lot of fun!
SPEEDWORD “I know the jokes are dumb. I don’t write them.”
Teams are shown a blank word and given a riddle clue. They attempt to figure out the word as quickly as possible. Faster answers get more points!
SPIN QUIZ “Wheel of Jeopardy?”
Each team spins our category wheel before each question to determine the category, or to win bonus points!
SURVEY SAYS “We surveyed 100 people…”
Teams get a chance to show how well they know the average American by giving the most popular responses to survey questions.
Do you know your prices? Now your shopping habit could pay off!
Teams have to price items, with the most points going to the team that is closest without going over.
THE LIST “A game of superlatives”
Teams are presented with a category of top ten list. Teams must try to give the top answers, which are worth more.
WHO WANTS TO WIN SOME POINTS? “We know that’s your final answer. You wrote it down!”
A different take on a million dollar idea. Players answer multiple choice questions of increasing difficulty for increasing values.

There are also several one-on-one face-off games:

BID-OFF A question is asked with multiple correct answers. Players alternate bidding how many correct answers they can give.
BLITZ-OFF Rapid-fire trivia questions are asked for 90 seconds. Teams score points by buzzing in and giving correct answers. Teams lose points by giving incorrect answers.
FIRST TO FIVE Trivia questions are asked. The first to buzz and give a correct answer gets a point. An incorrect answer gives their opponent a point. First to five points wins.
WHAT’S THE GOOD WORD A phrase is shown on the board, and one letter appears at a time. Players must buzz in and correctly identify the phrase to gain points.