Are you thinking about Game Show Blitz for your event, business, or charity? Game Show Blitz offers several options for you:


Game Show Blitz – Games & Trivia

This is our standard live event. It’s a weekly game that offers many rounds within it, and plenty of opportunity for players to win. Perfect for building loyalty to your venue. Teams show up weekly, and are encouraged to compete for the Blitz Championship.

Survey Says

This is a monthly or occasional event patterned after television’s successful survey game. Teams compete in a qualifying round for a chance to win their way onstage and play a version of the game just like on TV! It’s great entertainment for all involved, and fans of the show get excited for their opportunity to tackle the surveys!

Custom Events

Want to make your party, trade show, or business event more exciting? How about a custom Game Show? Game Show Blitz has experience putting together custom events, with dozens of games and formats to choose from. Make your next event memorable with a Game Show Blitz custom event!


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